Killing one man isn’t enough.
It never was for you.
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Random Edit - 76/?
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Quicksilver fan art SET 1
Quicksilver fan art SET 2

"I don’t know what I thought it was gonna be. Honest to God, I did a movie and a couple of little TV shows when I was 16, didn’t do anything again, got into drama school. Then I started working pretty much immediately after drama school. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on, and I still hadn’t really decided that I was an actor. I hadn’t sort of said to myself "Right, this is the rest of my life," because you can’t, because there is still a big massive part of me saying, "What if the work dries up tomorrow? Then I’m not an actor any more," you know?"

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fingers on temples and jazz hands :”>

James McAvoy for Nylon Guys Magazine.

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X-Men Days of Future Past: Power Piece - Henry Philip Hank McCoy aka Beast

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James McAvoy photographed for The Hollywood Reporter

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